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The truck wasn't the only accident that happened though. Wherever they showed up somebody seemingly lost control of their vehicle and crashed into something. It was a nightmare.  Pedestrians were openly gaping at the group of four whenever they had to stop.

Gula was the only one who thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

"OK, where's it pointing now? To the right?"

"Yes, go right!" groaned Jana, her boobs forcefully twisted by the device.

"What's it doing now?"

"It...argh... I dunno... it turns my breast around itself. Ouchie... No clue what that means. Go faster? Slower?"

"Damn Jana, can't you take care of your tits? They're really getting in the way!"

And indeed, her breasts were stretched so badly that they almost touched the front panel and even managed to accidentally push the button of the hazard light.

"I'm sorry Cathy, but it's not me, it's the device!"

"Just… do something already!"


It was Gula.

"Cathy, just try to follow their instructions. If we do what the devices tell us, they should relax a bit, right? And then they won't get in the way so badly."

"Yeah, that's a great idea. Just follow their instructions!" gasped Jana, "Because otherwise this thing will kill me anyway! Look, it's doing that weird turning thing again! Aiii….it makes my boobs look like some freak bottle opener, twisting them around like that!"

"Mine are now pumping like crazy. Maybe it means we are on the right track? Can you try to drive faster?"

The car accelerated.

"Yeah, that seemed to work. Now they've stopped with that painful twisting thing."

"Whew, better. Much better.  Thanks Cathy, my boobies finally feel kind of normal again. They even jiggle a bit!"

"That's good news, right? The jiggling…"

"Yes, very good news. Those devices can be so cruel!"

Gula stared at the now relaxed pairs of boobs next to him and grinned, "I like them either way. They still look a bit reddish and sore though."

He reached out to the quivering flesh, the tips of his fingers brushing over Jana's hot skin. He felt the vibrations of the car.

"Attention guys, rough road ahead!"

That was a bit of an understatement. The paved street ended abruptly and turned into a bumpy dirt road that caused their car to groan and screech as it dashed over gigantic potholes. Maya squealed surprised as her large breasts smashed into her face and flew around. Jana was similarly surprised by the sudden change and tried to somehow steady her jumping melons.

Gula watched in awe at all the bouncing and laughed, "You guys are really giving everything! Never before did I see such beautiful jiggles! I really should make a video of this so I can study it later. Very interesting physics!"

"Ha ha, glad you like this," smirked Jana, "But actually that hurts quite a bit. Cathy, can't you slow down?"

"Sure, but won't the devices then hurt you again?"

"Yeah, sure they will! I can try to give you guys a bit of support instead," beamed Gula,"but I have only two hands for your four boobs, so one for each?"

He cupped one of Jana's breasts, grabbed one of Maya's pair and grinned, "Best trip ever! It's such a nice feeling! Your warm, heavy breasts jumping and quivering in my hands… Heaven!"

"Glad that at least you are enjoying it! Cathy, any clue how long this will take?"

"No idea, the dirt road should end soon though."

And so they drove for hours, following the instructions of those bloated melons, until the devices started to act up again.

"Oh, something's happening. I think you have to go left now. Ugh.. U-Turn? Really?"

Gula gaped at the horribly bent breast that now pointed just behind its owner. He couldn't believe just how much Jana's boobs got stretched. Her swollen, distended bags of flesh were bent so hard that their swollen tips were now pointing behind her! The poor girl sobbed and whimpered as she tried to figure out how to ease the pain.

And it only got worse. The horrid device clamped down on her melons, bit into the now taut, hard flesh and strangled the bound boobs mercilessly. Maya's companion went berserk, too, tore at her massive melons and squeezed them into shapes never seen before. Both girls gaped in panic and yelled,

"Turn around, TURN AROUND!"

Cathy tried to comply, turned the roaring car and screamed, "Just tell me where to go?"

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"Amazing what that device can do! And that your boobs are capable of this stuff! Doesn't this hurt?" Gula touched the straining flesh with his fingers.

"Hurts like a bitch!" moaned Jana, "But what can I do? We just need to get to that lab! Fuck, it made me leak again!"

Indeed. Milk was dripping from her distended breasts and soiled the interior of Cathy's car.

"Damn, Jana! Can't you stop that? I mean... I like your tits and all, including that white stuff coming out of them. But in my car? Really? It will take ages to clean that up again!"

"Sorry. But I can't control this!"

"Yeah, whatever."

Jana was so relieved when they finally arrived at the garage. She couldn't believe just how cruel her new companion could be. And Maya looked like she was on the verge of passing out, with two purple, bloated balls jiggling and jumping in front of her eyes.

"Ok guys, we made it. Get out of here! And try to cover your enhanced assets somehow! Wait here until I talked with Zoe."

Cathy dashed off to arrange for the removal of the seat while Gula and his two trembling and cursing companions examined the place. Thankfully, nobody was around. A high wall separated the garage from the busy streets and provided for some privacy.

"So how the fuck should we cover up ourselves? I don't even have a blanket with me, and my clothes are of no use with how far my melons are stretched!" complained Jana as she searched the car.

"I don't know. Everything would look funny anyway… wait, I think I have an idea. See those cardboard boxes back there? We can use them just like we did with that Yeina Valentine's Day picture. Quick Maya, help me."

Soon, Gula was standing in the small coffeeshop, his two, beautiful companions carrying suspiciously large cardboard boxes in front of them. At least that ruse avoided awkward questions by the resident blokes that occupied the small bar.

"Whew, I hope nobody can see those deformed things now. If your boobs would just stop banging against the boxes!"

"Can't do nothing about it. It's that god-awful machine! Look, Cathy's coming!"

"Hey guys! Nice… boxes…" she smirked knowingly, "Zoe said it should only take a moment to remove that seat. Fancy a drink while we wait?"

"Sure, why not!"

The beer tasted great and finally the girls could relax a bit. With their strangled boobs out of sight, it surprisingly got so much easier for Jana and Maya to ignore the pain.

A beautiful redhead wearing a rather stained, blue overall appeared at the door.

"Hey… Cathy… the seat's gone… but…"

"Hey Zoe. My friends Gula, Jana and Maya. Is there a problem?"

"Those boxes look familiar...aren't those from my garage? Anyway, wanted to repair your roof while at it... One of the latches was totally jammed. But when I tried to fix it that damn thing broke off! Had to remove the whole cover... Not safe to drive anymore. Weather is good though, so I hope you guys don't mind too much. Driving a convertible with open top is more fun anyway, right? Will order some parts to fix it. You can give me the money later. Sorry guys, have to run!"

"What did she just say? She broke the roof?"

"Yeah… that's what I heard…"

"Fuck. And what now? We can't drive around like that with no top."

"Hehe… no top…" Gula giggled, "Topless girls in a topless car... so funny!"

"Yes, very funny, Gula. Laughing my ass off!" groaned Jana, "So what do we do?"

"We start driving of course! What else? You won't die just because some creep gets off by looking at your bare, bound boobies! Just grow a pair and get going!" cursed Cathy and motioned them out of the door.

Needless to say that the drive was a challenge. As soon as the car left the parking lot of the garage it got stuck in traffic. And without the top obstructing the view, pedestrians and passengers around them soon spotted their juicy secrets. Gula, framed by the two beautiful women, enjoyed the situation endlessly and giggled happily, "Uh-oh, look! Those girls in that bar? I think they envy you!"

Jana tried to catch a glimpse. Yes, yes those chicks had definitely spotted them and apparently couldn't believe what they were seeing. They already had their mobiles out, presumably to document the incredible scene and post the pictures to who knew where!

And it wasn't just those girls either. Everyone around them stared at their disfigured orbs that constantly got manipulated by those strange devices. Everybody seemed to grab their phones to make some juicy pictures. People were whistling, whispering, joking. Somebody laughed at how the machines made those huge tits point around. Right now, the majority of  those people seemed to still be dumbfounded about what they witnessed, but Jana feared that somebody soon would like to 'know more', would try to feel them up, to 'investigate closely' what was happening. She hushed, "Cathy, we have to get going, please! Everybody is staring at us!"

"Yeah, I see that. Creepy. Hold on tight, I'll get us out of here!"

Suddenly the car jerked and jumped as Cathy steered it through a narrow pedestrian alley. She honked and screamed as the beetle blasted through the busy street, bystanders watching in awe as the exotic bunch zoomed by.

"I just hope the police won't stop us!" screamed Maya, frantically clinging to the door handle.

"Yeah, that would suck. Only a few more streets to go! Hold on tight!"

A loud bang shook the ground and made everyone gasp.

"Fuck, what just happened?"

A large truck in front of them just drove right into the window of a shop and blocked the street, the driver still gaping openly at Jana's disfigured, pumping boobs.

"Dammit, do you think it was us?"

"Looks like so! Driver got distracted or something. Can you steer around it?"

Cathy made a left turn and dashed off into another narrow street.

"Hey, watch it Cathy! You almost made my boobs crash into that traffic light!"

"Honey, I have enough on my plate already. I'm trying to get us out of here! You have to pay attention to your gigantic melons yourself, can't take care of everything!"

Jana tried to haul her breasts back into the car, but with those devices stretching her flesh like rubber, it was easier said than done.

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The device slowly twisted Jana's bound orbs into one direction. Those stretched twins now definitely pointed somewhere to the right. And to top it off, the extenders made tiny forward/backward movements as if they wanted to tell her to move ahead.

Perplexed the group watched the spectacle. Cathy giggled, "Guess we now know how the devices show us where to go. Anything happening on your side, Maya?"

"Well.... look for yourself..."

Maya's tits were forced into a slow up/down movement by the clamps and the constraints around the base of her breast pulsated.

"As if it wants to tell us to get going. Awkward. Well, then let's do that. Nothing we can do here to get you guys out of this mess anyway."

Covering up was out of question as they needed to see where the devices were pointing to. Both Maya and Jana didn't like the idea of driving around topless and wanted to at least have a seat in the back. Sitting in front would be just too humiliating. But Cathy objected.

"You have to sit next to me, Jana! I have to see where we are supposed to be going! I need your tits as guidance!"

"But then everybody can see me! And my boobs wouldn't fit in there anyway, they would be jammed against the front window given how much that nasty thing stretches me right now!"

"Good point. Alright, then Maya you get in front. That way I can at least tell if we are on the right track. And if Jana sits behind you, maybe her tits are sticking out far enough so I can see them, too. Gula, you sit right behind me, OK?"

"Great. Just great. And what do we do if some guys out there get a bit too curious and want to get hold of us and our weirdly shaped assets?"

"Drive faster? We have more urgent things to worry about. Don't you want to get out of this mess? Let's just jump in the car and get going!"

The group quickly packed for the long ride, Maya and Jana trying carefully to avoid upsetting their new companions. It took them a while to get into Cathy's old VW Beetle Convertible, but somehow they finally managed to squeeze everybody inside the tiny vehicle and Cathy started the engine. The drive was far from comfortable. Jana's place was so cramped, her elongated breasts took up way too much space, that her weirdly-shaped melons constantly banged against the back of the front seat.

"Hey, stop it back there! You drive me nuts!" complained Maya as once again Jana's awkward boobs were pushed against her back.

"I'm sorry! But this isn't working!" Jana groaned, her body firmly pinned against the back of her seat, "This damn machine makes my tits hurt so much! It takes up all the space!"

"Just push your orbs to the side of my seat then! Try to squeeze them through the gaps! Can't be that hard! Maybe that way Cathy can actually see where they are pointing to!"

"Right…" Jana grabbed one of her deformed breasts and yanked them sideways so it could expand into the gap between the seats.

"Whew, thanks Jana. That's better. Oh look at that! A new armrest?" joked Maya, patting the hot flesh that protruded from behind.

The car was just too small, huge boobs got constantly in the way, and it took ages to even get out of the clogged city.  Suddenly, the weird device twisted Jana's boobs in earnest, made her nipple poke into Cathy's sides. And Maya's boobs quickly joined the fun and started to bounce up and down.

"I think it's trying to tell us something. To the right, Cathy! This is the way…"

"I don't know… Look at her tits, I think it's pointing to the left, isn't it?"

Maya turned her head, "How the fuck should I know? I can't really see anything from here. Jana, what do you think?"

"I… I don't know. It kind of twists them… Arghh.. Fuck. NOT...ENOUGH... SPACE!"

Gula giggled, "Yeah, I can tell. Just look at how hard you get pushed into the back of the seat by your tits! Cathy, I think we need to do something."

"Do something? What can we do about this? We don't have any alternatives, do we?"

"Can the seats be removed?"

"Sure, why are you asking?"

"If we remove the seat of the front-seat passenger, the one Maya is sitting on, there would be plenty of space for Jana's stretched boobies."

"And where would I sit then?" asked Maya, puzzled.

"In the back, right beside me. I'll squeeze in between you and Jana. Would be a tight fit but doable."

"I like the idea!" groaned Jana, "Anything that gives me more space is an improvement! Aiee.. Look at that!"

Gula gaped at Jana's twins that suddenly were pressed so hard against the sides of Maya's seat that they turned white.

"Yeah, we need to do something. Cathy, can you stop somewhere? We really should get rid of that seat."

"Understood. A friend of mine runs a garage. He should be able to do it. But it's right in the center of the city, next to the 'Little Italy' coffee shop and all those other bars and restaurants. It would be quite a detour to get there…"

"Can't we just stop right here and yank it out?"

"No way! I don't want to lose that seat! And I don't have the right tools anyway. So either we drive back or you have to cope with your boob situation as it is."

"Drive back, please!" moaned Jana from behind, "We have no clue how long this trip will take and I can't stand it already!"

"Alright then. Hold tight, we'll have to ignore your boob-pointing for a while."

It was way worse to not follow the directions of those devices. Once they started ignoring the not-so-subtle hints, the evil machines went absolutely crazy. Jana screamed in pain as the device twisted her elongated tits so hard that they made them point backward and leak milk at the same time. And Maya hollered frantically as her own companion squeezed the bases of her breasts painfully so that her bloated balloons turned to a unhealthy, dark-purple color all the while it continued to make her swollen balls bounce around like puppets on a string.

"Faster! drive faster!" shouted Gula, shocked and fascinated by what was happening right beside him.

"I do my best, guys. Just keep hanging in there. Only a few more minutes!"

Like Yeina 75: Boob Navigation
Jana and her team get on the road. Will they be able to follow the device's not so subtle hints? And will they manage to get through this weird trip?

Start of series: Like Yeina 01: First contact
Previous chapter: Like Yeina 74: Stuck
Next chapter: soon
Hi everyone,
I recently asked neglected2much if he would be willing to host my stories on his personal site. And I'm absolutely thrilled that he kindly offered me my own little story rack there!

Right now my place on the site is still a bit empty, but I plan to upload my other stories soon.

Be aware that some of the material there contains stuff that are outside of what dA would allow, so visit at your own risk!

Oh and please, please also read neglected2much's stories. They're absolutely brilliant! 'The Curator' is one of my all-time favorites, and I thoroughly recommend to read 'Red Rocket' and all the other great stories!

This is where you can find us:
Neglected2much's Secret Story Stash
Qexiqex's Story Rack

Oh, and if you enjoyed a story, please leave a comment. We both appreciate any feedback and love to hear from you.


What's your opinion on the 'Like Yeina' series? 

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