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Sue examined Ann's sticky tits, looked at the broken bra again and shook her head, "No way this will work. There is only one thing we can do."

She quickly slipped out of her shirt and removed her own.

"Here, take this. It's too small for your gigantic hooters but it'll be better than nothing. I can go without for a while. Now squeeze your melons in there and get ready for the show!"

Sue helped her into the way too small piece of clothing, squeezing her sticky large melons into the tiny cups. The short straps dug deeply into Ann's shoulders but somehow they managed to at least cover her nipples with it.

"I would lie if I'd say this looks good, but better than nothing I guess. Now put that white shirt on. Let's see how that looks!"

Ann slipped into her button-down shirt.

"Not so bad. There is some of the blue stuff between your tits peeking out but if people don't look too closely... Nice cleavage by the way. If you tie the shirt into a knot and show your flat little tummy...and maybe you can push your jeans down a bit… You know, distract them with your other assets?"

The artist followed Sue's suggestions.

"Perfect! Your tits still look weird if someone really pays attention but it'll be OK. And by the way, I expect you to pay me back! I loved that bra!"

Ann smiled, "That's the least I can do for you. Ugh, this is tight, can barely breathe! So what now?"

"You go out and show yourself. Tell them you just returned from another engagement, ask what has happened, act all shocked and stuff. Meanwhile, I will run back to the showfloor, get the fake boobs and then dash over to our workshop. There, I'll prepare these foam tits with the stuff in that balloon. We need them for later and they have to look exactly like yours right now, which is why I took that picture. People will want to see the damaged sculpture so we need to be ready. That misfired balloon is a godsend! I will take care of everything."

"Understood. So see you later?"

"See you later. And remember, you have to leave a lasting impression. This is your chance! Everyone is waiting for you anyway. Give them what they want! Talk to the press, the dean, everybody!"

Sue slipped into her own shirt again, grabbed the balloon the attacker used and left, her cute little breasts jiggling underneath the thin fabric. She barely made it out before the firemen barged into the building and hoped Ann would manage to leave in time, too.

The young woman headed straight for the booth to search for the pair of fake boobs. Luckily, she found them quickly, tucked away in some corner. She inspected the nasty-looking objects. Those black and blue spots really looked ugly. Sue stuffed the plastic replicas into her bag and headed towards their workshop.

Meanwhile, after narrowly escaping the fire brigade, Ann mingled with the people outside. Everyone seemed annoyed about the situation. It was obvious that there had been no actual fire and many complained bitterly about the unacceptable situation. Ann spotted the dean who stood near the center chatting with that journalist.

"Mr. Roberts? Do you know what is going on here? I was able to leave early from my other appointment and thought I might be able to attend the award ceremony after all. But it looks like I'm too late already?"

"Oh Ann! Something terrible happened! Your artwork… your fantastic sculpture… it's destroyed! Some crazy person threw something at it and now it's covered in some messy… I don't even know what it is! It's heartbreaking! I just hope that our experts can restore your work of art!"

It wasn't easy to focus for Ann, with her tits itching like crazy beneath the tight bra, but somehow she managed to play along.

"Really? My art is… broken? B...but.." Ann squeezed out a tear, "B...but why is everyone outside?"

"Oh, that attack was not all! Just when everyone tried to hunt down the perpetrator the fire alarm went off! Now that horrible person is still on the loose and we have to wait for the fire brigade to clear the place! I'm convinced that monster did it on purpose to distract us!"

"Oh god, this is so terrible!" wailed Ann, "My art! Destroyed! How can I ever …"

Her hand desperately wanted to scratch the hell out of her itching boobs, but she managed to keep her trembling fingers away from her sore bosom.

"Ann, I'm so sorry! I can't undo the damage and I feel responsible because I made you come to the award ceremony in the first place. If I wouldn't have nominated you, your work would still be intact."

"It's not your fault, Mr. Roberts, I know that. I'm just…"

"I know. But I'm sure our experts…"

"Mr. Roberts? I don't think I want it restored. The act itself, this destruction… I don't think I can bear it."

She really had to go to the restroom or something. Those tits were killing her!

"I was just chatting with Ms Shinozaki about this awful event and she made an interesting proposal. She said if she could decide, she would show the damaged piece very publicly as a memento."

"A memento, huh?"

Ms Shinozaki smiled, "Yes, as a memento. This kind of violence is despicable and we need to fight it. If we show the damaged work to the public, everyone will see that the attack did not change anything!"

"Wow. So you would… And Mr. Roberts….?"

"I'm very supportive of this idea. In fact I already found the perfect place for it, right in the middle of the lobby of our town hall! I already talked with the major and he seems fine with it. Apparently he wants to get rid of the current installation anyway and proud local artists are always good for promotion purposes, especially such popular ones like yourself. Now let me introduce you to our local TV team. They asked for an interview and I would like to have you do it."

Ann muttered, "B-b-but."

"Don't be shy, Ann! Just tell them what you told me. Everybody is utterly shocked by this devious attack and wants to hear how the artist feels about it!"

"I… th..thanks so much! E..excuse me, Mr. Roberts, I really have to… where…. Where are the restrooms?"

"Oh, they're inside, so you can't go there now. But there is a public one close by down the street!"

"Th...thank you!"

Ann hurried away, searching for a quiet spot to scratch herself. She found the restroom quickly and dashed inside. Two stalls, one occupied. She opened the door of the vacant one and slipped out of the shirt. The small bra was off in a moment, and her fingers dug into the itching flesh to relieve herself. She moaned happily as she scratched away at the slimy mess.

"Nasty stuff, huh?" she heard a familiar voice next door.

Fuck! It was that girl!

"I knew you were in there. Couldn't wait to punish your obscene udders. So how do you like my little mixture?"

"You're crazy, bitch!"

"No really, I want to know how your udders feel right now!" she giggled.

"They hurt like shit! And this stuff is so sticky that you can't even scratch! What the hell is that anyway?"

"Oh, just a little bit of glue, a bit of ink, some itching powder, some of my secret ingredients… this and that really. I'm glad it worked out like planned though. Have fun with your hooters, they will be like that for quite a while. Oh, and you do recognize that you just admitted your scam?"

"I… I didn't…"

"Oh for fucks sake, I threw that stuff at a column with a supposed boob sculpture, and now your tits are covered with it! You can't deny it any longer!"

"Fuck it, bitch! If I see you ever again I'll call the cops!"

Ann was furious. She wiggled her boobs back into the tiny, soiled bra, put the shirt on and marched outside, leaving the giggling girl behind.

Meanwhile, back at the workshop, Sue worked hard to prepare the fake set of tits for an expectant audience. In the end, she simply had to throw that balloon on those things, but she only had one shot. And if that shot went sideways, she had a big problem. So Sue wanted to make sure that this wouldn't happen.

The first step was to fix those boobs in a similar position as Ann's real breasts on that column. The easiest would have been to just stick them at a wall and be done with it, but how? She didn't want to damage those objects any further, so nailing them on the wall was out of question. And she couldn't find any clamps or other fixtures to put them in place. Sue searched the place from left to right but couldn't figure out how to solve this problem until she found herself standing in front of the elevator in the hallway.

"That's it, I just let those doors clamp it in place!" she thought. And indeed that worked like a charm. She let the doors close around the foam tits, one above the other and grinned amused as she saw them stuck to the door. What if Ann would have her delicious melons squeezed like that by an elevator door? It certainly would give a nice impression to unsuspecting guests! She simply had to take a picture and send it to her friend!

Finally, she grabbed the filled balloon, took aim and threw it against the elevator. Her heart skipped a beat when the balloon almost slipped out of her hand, but in the end the object landed squarely on those foamy objects and burst into millions of pieces, soiling the metal door and everything around in sticky goo. Perfect, an absolutely perfect throw! And the unsightly black marks on those plastic replicas were not even visible anymore and neatly hidden underneath all that goo! Now she just had to remove those things and store them somewhere safe so they could dry! And of course she had to clean up this ugly mess, too.

Thankfully that cleaning didn't take too long. The stainless steel doors of that elevator were exceptionally easy to clean with a good industrial detergent, and the floor of the hallway was not much worse. In the end, Sue managed to finish everything within an hour and was back at the event when people were still around.

She found Ann standing next to Greg from the awards committee.

"Hey Ann, how's everything?"

"Hey Sue! Good to see you. Well, I did some interviews, talked with people everyone is so shocked about what happened, right Greg?"

"Yeah, absolutely. What a scandal! Looks like every newspaper and even the local TV station are here. Bet this story will be everywhere by tomorrow. Who knows, maybe it even makes it on national news!"

"Yeah, the art community is going crazy over this, too! I got support messages from so many people I don't even know!"

"Wow. So your artwork is still broken?"

"Yep, the column is still inside, but the boobs are gone for now."

Greg looked at Ann, "So the dean wants to put it into the town hall? In this damaged state?"

"Yep. And I think everything is already organized for tomorrow. I'm kind of proud that my piece gets exhibited there, even if it's soiled like that."

"And rightly so! Sorry guys, I have to leave! The dean is looking for me!"

"Fuck Sue, this is so great! The column will be standing in the freaking town hall, can you believe it? By the way, I met that girl again! She teased me about the itch and stuff, told me what she put in that balloon! Come on, let's go to Coffee Heaven and have a chat!"

Sue smirked, "Sure! You probably want to know how everything went?"

"I can't wait! Come on, let's go! You have no idea how bad my tits itch! Hope that nightmare is over soon!"

"Want me to scratch them?"

"Hehe, sure! But let's wait until we're alone."

A few minutes later, both girls were sitting in their favorite coffee shop with some delicious drinks in front of them.

"So how did it go?" asked Ann excitedly.

"Without a hitch! Your plastic boobs look just like your real ones now. Look, I took a picture of how I did it."

She unlocked her phone and showed an image of the plastic boobs squeezed by the elevator doors.

"That… looks kind of cute! And hot! Like there is some girl stuck in the elevator and only her tits are peeking out!"

"Nice, huh? Do you want to… I don't know… do it for real?"

"For real?" Ann laughed, "No, not for now. I've had enough 'boob peril' for a while. But still, the idea is cute! And how did the balloon… did it burst?"

"As said, it looks just like y…"

Suddenly Kendra stood in front of them, phone pointing at Ann. Within split-seconds her hand shot forward, grabbed Ann's shirt and ripped it wide open. Before Ann could even react, her hand got to work again and thrashed the almost bursting bra, too, forcing the glue-covered tits out in the open.

"Hah, this is all the proof I need! This video will go viral, bitch! You are a FRAUD! Your tits and the tits on that column are the same as evidenced by that nice blue color. Now nobody can ignore the truth anymore!"

Sue jumped from her chair, tried to grab her phone but she was too slow. Kendra quickly turned around and ran away before Ann could even say a word.

"What the….fuck this bitch!" the artist muttered.

"Dammit, now we're in trouble."

"Oh god. If she really posts this stuff…"

"Let's just not freak out for now, Ann. You never know how things develop, so just wait it out, OK? No point in overreacting. And better cover yourself up again, those people are already staring at your soiled boobs!"

"Right…" Ann tried to put the bra back on but it was of no use anymore. At least the shirt still covered her somewhat decently.

"Let's call it a day, Sue. I really need to get this mess off my tits and I'm quite tired anyway. Tomorrow we have to set up that column or at least sneak those plastic tits in somehow, so we need some energy."

"Right. OK, let's go."

Ann had a tough night. Her breasts itched and burned so terribly that she barely got any sleep . The exhaustive cleaning session in the bathroom of her dorm got rid of most of the vile liquid, but it also caused her red and raw breasts to hurt even more. When she finally went to bed, she cuddled her buzzing orbs in her arms. It hurt so much. Ann wondered whether she should get up again and pack her twins in ice to ease the pain, but then she thankfully dozed off.

The next morning, when her alarm clock switched on the radio, Ann woke up to an interview about the recent 'incidents' at the local art exhibition. The moderator was gushing about the exhibit, about the controversial 'boob art' that got exhibited there, and that the organizers had selected an especially daring piece for one of their awards. He continued to talk about the lewd art work and replayed some interviews with local visitors that had seen said sculpture in person. The moderator turned to his guest, the dean of the local art school named Roberts, and asked

"So Mr Roberts, can you tell our listeners what happened yesterday evening at that award ceremony?"

Ann sat up in her bed and gasped.

"A terrible, terrible attack on the entire art community, that's what happened! A deeply disturbed individual threw a bag of what apparently was mostly paint and glue at one of the exhibits right during the ceremony and claimed that specific piece is a fraud."

"Wow! And then? What happened?"

"Well, needless to say there was lots of commotion. And then somebody hit the fire alarm and it got really wild. I suspect it was the perpetrator herself that did this to distract people and flee from the scene."

"It was a woman?"

"Yes, apparently a young female student. We still haven't caught her though. Her plan worked well."

"So what does the art community have to say about this blatant attack?"

"Everybody is up in arms about it. This artist did a fantastic job in recreating the female breast as lifelike as never before. And now this unique piece is gone forever!"

"Won't she create another one?"

"Who knows! I can only guess how long it had taken her to create something so utterly perfect like those breasts. I have had the chance to personally experience this stunning work multiple times, but now it might be gone forever!"

"So what does the art school plan to do? How will your organization react?"

"We will stand up against this act of violence and put the damaged work right at the heart of our city. I have convinced the city officials to display this destroyed piece as a memento, to remind everyone that art must be free to do controversial work! We have a role to fulfill and such attacks might scare young artists to express themselves in future. The formal erection of the piece in our town hall is scheduled for today at 3pm."

"Thank you Mr. Roberts, it was a pleasure talking to you."

Ann crawled out of her bed thinking about the whole hubbub. All the excitement around her work got a bit too much for her. Of course she felt honored by the idea to have her column exhibited in city hall, but she was also scared about all the publicity she suddenly got.

She hurled herself into the bathroom to get ready for the day. At least her boobs didn't hurt as much anymore and she could wear sensible clothes again.

A few hours later she was standing in front of a sizeable crowd telling her story once again. Thankfully, Sue had been able to sneak into the General Exhibition again where she placed the prepared plastic replicas on the ground near the empty, soiled column. There, staff picked them up and so everything ended up where it should. Now the dean himself handed the objects over to Ann who then showed them prominently during her short speech.

When she finally walked over to her column and affixed the plastic breasts into the holes, it felt almost like a ceremonial act. The entire hall fell dead silent when she pulled the handles down to close the clamps, and as soon as she stepped aside to show the soiled piece she was receiving standing ovations.

"Now you're famous, sweetie!" smiled Sue as they chatted over a glass of champagne.

"Yeah, I know!" beamed Ann, "Just look at how many people are here! I already got interview requests from dozens of news outlets! But I'm still freaked out by that girl. Do you think she…"

"Don't panic, all will be well. Nobody will believe her anyway."

"I sure hope so. Let's get some food, I'm starving!"

The days flew by and Ann was busy telling her story. Soon, she made it into several national TV shows and her work got featured in a number of magazines. And then her world fell apart.

Kendra had staged a formidable attack against her foe. The angry girl had worked hard to prepare the evidence she needed, and now pictures showing Ann's soiled boobs and the goo on the exhibited column side by side hit the net like a tsunami. And when someone asked for more evidence, she was quick to show an extensive analysis originating from a renowned university that backed her case.

Public opinion shifted in a matter of days, news sites suddenly accused Ann of being a fraudster and the poor girl was being harassed by former friends and strangers alike. One of the worst experiences had been when Mr. Roberts called her into his office to talk.

When she showed up he immediately started to yell at her and kept shouting for minutes. He accused her of backstabbing, of being an utter disappointment and generally an awful human being. He made abundantly clear that he was deeply offended by Ann's actions felt utterly betrayed by her. Without any sugar-coating, he told her to pack up and leave the school or he would do anything he could to make her life miserable.

That day was still fresh in her mind, and the only positive thing Ann could remember was that the dean's secretary, Ms Thompson, had handed her a business card, had put her hand reassuringly on her shoulder and had whispered, "Don't worry, there are many that support you. I can't do much in the open but please call if you need help."

And then she lost the dorm. In a matter of days she went from celebrity to outcast. Ann's only choice was to move in with Sue for a while and get things sorted out. They met at the coffee shop once again to talk about the future.

"Hey Ann, how are you? Did you pack up yet?"

"Yes, I'm ready to move in. But let me know if you want me to go somewhere else. I would understand."

"Stop sulking, girl! It had been a rough week but things will improve again. Listen, it might look bad but you have more support than you think. I just got a call from that Journalist, Ms. Shinozaki. Remember her?"

"Sure, what did she want? An interview with a broken artist?"

"Hah, definitely not. She wanted to know how you feel, if you are doing OK. She was really concerned and very angry about how everyone treated you,"

"You told her?"

"I told her everything. She got so upset about Mr. Roberts she was cursing like a sailor! You wouldn't believe it! Anyway, she told me that she will pull some strings and that you should call her as soon as you can."

"For what?"

"I don't know! Just take the phone and call her! Maybe now would be a good time?"

Ann grabbed her phone and dialled the number Sue told her.


"Hey, it's me, Ann. The boob artist. You wanted to talk to me?"

"Oh Ann, thank god! So terrible how they treat you! Listen, if you need a place to stay, I can offer you a nice little atelier close to Daring Arts private school. It's run by a close friend of mine. They are very supportive of non-conformist artists. I told them about your work and how the public is shunning you. They can't wait to meet you. Everything is arranged already, and don't worry about money or anything. You can bring your friend, too."

"That's… thank you but I don't know if…"

"Stop it. I know you need help. But what you might not know is that there are many that support you. Ask your friend. Log in to your social network and ignore all the hate. You will find those messages! You will see that many of us are supporting you."

"Really? I only see those nasty comments, people telling me to 'go die in a fire' or…"

"Ann, did you listen at all? Ignore those idiots, look for the other voices! I just heard about another support club being founded at some university nearby the coast. That's number ten today. Do you understand? Ten organizations created only to support your case. In one day! They have fancy names like 'Ann's Boobs Are Our Boobs' or 'Ann's Tits Can't Be Silenced' that really don't leave many questions open. There are similar clubs all over the globe, in countries I have never heard of! All those young women are talking about your art, about what you achieved and how to continue with your project! I can show you piles of messages sending in ideas about the next big performances, about how to shock the public by showing real breasts at unexpected places! And they all look up to you! You are their idol!"

Ann was stunned. Was she telling the truth? Was there another side to this mess? People supporting her? She remembered the dean's secretary, her reassuring words. Maybe Ms. Shinozaki was right?

"Ann, are you still there?"

"Yes I am. I just… I don't know what to do!"

"Like I told you. Go to Daring Arts, move into that atelier together with Sue. She will support you no matter what. Listen to her and let us all help you out. Now pack up and go, there is nothing left to do in that stupid little city full of morons."

Ann heard her hang up. She looked over to Sue. "Care to move to another place? I just got an offer for an atelier at Daring Arts! And you are invited, too!"

"Daring Arts? Really?"

"Do you know that place?"

"Yeah, I ready about some of their projects. All I can say is that your stuff is pretty tame in comparison."

"Wow. Sounds like the place to be then. Want to share a flat?"

"With you? Hell yes!"
Hi everyone,
Now, after 79 chapters posted over a period of about 79 weeks, the 'Like Yeina' series is finally coming to an end. Time to bid goodbye to Yeina, Maya, Cathy and their boob-challenging adventures!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank especially gulavisual for his intriguing creativity and for all the stunning art he keeps churning out. Without him this series would have never existed.

Also a big Thank You to those of you who stuck around through all those weeks and months and kept reading every single chapter (first one was posted in May 2015!) Your feedback and comments provided the motivation for me to keep going. It has been a great ride and a fantastic experience.

BTW, if any of you fancy to read the entire story in one go you can grab it at neglected2much's Secret Story Stash where my little story rack resides (all stories are available in different formats through Google Docs). Still can't believe the entire thing is a whooping 224 pages!

So what's next? I'm not entirely sure yet, but maybe Ann's story needs a few more chapters...


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