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Soon the rest of the gang showed up including the star of the show, Jana. The old dungeon was buzzing and everybody had a great time. Of course most conversations were about Jana's project, and how dedicated the beautiful girl had been in the past weeks. Jana felt great amongst all those admirers and couldn't stop talking about her past experiences.

Time flew by and then, just before midnight, Bob stepped on a bench and said, "Great to see you all here, at the location where Jana's adventure started. I thought it would be a great way to end your spectacular project by convincing our star to get into that air duct again."

Everybody cheered.

"And I have to say it was way easier than I imagined to get Jana here."


"Now, Jana, anything to add from your side? Our would you prefer to just get naked and climb in there again?"

Jana blushed, "Hehe, yeah... I don't know what to say. Great to see you guys again! I have fond memories of this place. I really look forward to this shoot, to having my boobies dangle through that hole up there. I always wondered how it would look like from below, but I guess I will only ever see it on pictures. And... well, screw it. I think I'll just jump out of my clothes and get up there. That's what everyone is waiting for anyway, right?"

The crowd laughed. Catcalls and cheers pumped up the atmosphere. Suddenly Maya stepped forward, face flushed and declared, "I want to do it!"

"What?" Jana was puzzled.

"I want to get in there and try it out and have my tits stuffed through that hatch. Like you did."


"I always wondered how it would feel like. And if I don't try it today, I'll never find out!"

Cathy gaped at her. "Are you sure Maya? I mean, you definitely have enough boob material to do it, unlike myself, but really? In front of all those people? I thought only Jana..."

"Yes, really. I want to do it. Now. And besides, Jana wanted to see how it looks like from below, so I figured I should show her, right?"

Bob grinned, "Nice! Do you also want to experience my magical, robotic hand treatment?"

"Hehe, yeah, that's part of the package, isn't it?"

"Indeed it is. Fantastic! I'll jump into my Orcogre then. Looking forward to meet a new set of melons! And from what I can tell yours are just as spectacular as Jana's incredible pair."

Maya chuckled happily. What a cute guy! Now she just had to find out how to get into that duct.

"Hey, Jana! How do I get in?"

"Just enter that small cell over there. The ladder should be right below the entry," then, looking at the fidgety girl, she giggled, "Don't you want to get out of your clothes first? The guys would certainly appreciate to see you naked!"

Maya glanced around and laughed, "No way! Too much audience here! I definitely prefer some privacy. But you guys should see my bare orbs popping through that hole in a few moments!"

"Alright then! Have fun!"

Maya walked out of the packed room and into the empty cell. She closed the door and made sure it stayed put before she started to unbutton her blouse. This was so exciting! Finally, she would experience the same emotions like Jana! She would play the role of Yeina, just like her! What an adventure!

She removed her bra and let her heavy breasts spring free. Should she get out of her pants, too? It wouldn't be necessary for the stunt, and it may be quite dirty up there. But to get as much as possible out of this rather unique experience, wouldn't it be better to go completely naked? Maybe it was her only chance to ever experience something so completely wacky in her entire life! She wanted to get it right. She wanted to get as much out of it as possible. She wanted to... do it naked!

Maya jumped out of her clothes, stripped of her trousers and panties. Even her socks had to go. Then, completely naked, she went up the ladder.

The duct was narrow and dusty. Maya coughed hard as she hauled herself into the confined space. Her heart raced. Now she was in the same duct as Jana before. Like Yeina. She was a warrior, escaping from evil monsters. Slowly the blonde girl crept forward.

A faint light was visible in front of her. She heard voices from below. She was close, only a few more feet and she would be at the hatch. Her naked, sweaty body moved through the dirt.

"She's coming! Look up there! I saw something moving! This must be Maya!" shouted Cathy, her finger pointing upwards.

Everybody looked at the hatch, waited for those blessed orbs to arrive.

Maya's fingers reached the rim of the opening.This was it! Now she just had to slither over the hole and let her boobies dangle down. Easy! The mechanic surged forward, felt her heavy bosom fall into the opening.

"There they are! What a nice pair! And look how they sway back and forth!"

Julie added, "Those look tasty! Almost as good as Jana's! So how does it feel up there?"

"Not so bad, not so bad. It's a bit dusty, but the feeling is kind of interesting. But now what?"

"Just stay there. Bob is already gearing up, the Orcogre will be operational any minute. Just relax and enjoy the situation!"

Jana gazed upward. So that was how it looked from this perspective. Interesting. But how would it be to knead those breasts? To grope and pull them like the monster in that comic? To be that monster?

"Hey Bob, would you mind showing me how to operate this thing? I would really like to try it out myself. I want to know how it feels to be on the other side."

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"So you're looking forward to EDEN?"

"You bet! By the way, any proposal from Bob how to get going?"

"Well, he says he prepared everything already. We should just go to that dungeon tonight and bring those pictures with us. And Cathy's equipment of course. Easy."

"Great. And what about this Ultimate backer?"

"No word from him yet. His reward is the only one still open after this gig."

"Well, if he doesn't tell us what he wants, tough luck for him! Maybe we sent him a note that he should raise his request now or otherwise his reward will be a similar picture like we do for the others?"

"Sure. I'll send him a note."

There was still time before they had to leave, so Jana headed out to kill some time. Soon she was sitting in her favorite coffee shop and let her mind wander.

How would it be, back in that dungeon? Would she enjoy it? Or would she be disappointed? Jana frequently had dreams about those days, about being stuck in that tight enclosure with her breasts dangling freely, open to all kinds of surprises. Those dreams had been quite enjoyable and she sometimes actively tried to get into them. And now she would be going back there for real!

Bob was so looking forward to this! He had followed Jana's new work closely since their project ‘Cosplaying Yeina’ had ended. He still remembered that fantastic party, when they showed those trailers in that club. Good times!

But then Jana told them she had received an offer too good to pass up. That huge-ass smile on her face... yeah, it had been obvious just how lucky Jana was back then. It didn't take long until Julie broke the news that Jana and Gula himself were working on a crowdfunding project. Of course they had to back her.

Julie, Tom and Tim were supporting Bob since the moment he explained them his idea. And getting the other backers in line had been surprisingly easy. Since weeks, Bob had been working in the dungeon, making sure everything was prepared well for his favorite girl.

The robot was fully operational and Bob had learned quite a few new tricks when training for the big event. He looked at his watch: Only an hour and Jana would be here.

He checked the supplies again. Jana had told him that a bunch of people would come with her. A guy named Bull, and the sizeable team he apparently commanded. And that photographer. And Maya, that beautiful mechanic. And of course the artist himself, Gula. It would get packed in here. Somebody knocked on the door.

"Hey, you must be Bob?"

"Yes. And you are... Jana's photographer, right? Cathy?"

"Yes, I'm Cathy. Great to see you, and fantastic idea by the way. Can I come in?"

"Sure. Wow, that's a big case!"

"Yeah, just my cameras and stuff. There's another one in the car. Can you help me get it here? It's a present for the gang."

"Sure, what's inside?"

"Hehe, you'll see in a moment. Just help me with this if you can."

Soon, Cathy was busy setting up her equipment. She laughed at Bob who was eyeing the big container with interest and said "Go ahead and open that case. You'll like it, promise."

The moment he opened that box he knew what was inside. "The hypnos book in print!" He grabbed one and ripped it out of its packaging. "Wow, those pictures are fucking brilliant! They look even better on paper! Can't get enough of Jana modelling those drawings."

"Great, right? Everyone who shows up tonight gets a free copy."

"The guys will be thrilled! I'll put them on display close to our buffet."

Like Yeina 68: Bob
A bit earlier than usual. And no slugs anymore, promise!
Hi everyone,
I recently asked neglected2much if he would be willing to host my stories on his personal site. And I'm absolutely thrilled that he kindly offered me my own little story rack there!

Right now my place on the site is still a bit empty, but I plan to upload my other stories soon.

Be aware that some of the material there contains stuff that are outside of what dA would allow, so visit at your own risk!

Oh and please, please also read neglected2much's stories. They're absolutely brilliant! 'The Curator' is one of my all-time favorites, and I thoroughly recommend to read 'Red Rocket' and all the other great stories!

This is where you can find us:
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