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A shoot with Maya. At least that curious girl would get an equal share of boob-hurt if they would agree to this. And it surely would be fun. But those metal devices looked awfully painful. On the other hand she had gone through much worse. Maybe they should just do it. Another challenge that would make her feel good afterwards... Yes. Otherwise she would only regret it later, right?

"So did you decide?" inquired Cathy the next morning, eager to start the new project, "Will you do it? You'll do it, right? Come on, please? You want to see those metal devices too, don't you?"

Maya laughed, "I'm game. I'm ready to play Miria. You just have to convince our beautiful model and we can get going!"

"So what do you think, Jana? Come on, we had so much fun playing with your boobies! You can't let us down now!"

Jana smirked, "You know, Cathy..." she slowly massaged her breasts, "If you would have such melons like Maya and me you would understand..."

"Don't tell me you reject?"

Jana's grin broadened, "Silly girl, of course I'll do it! I just have to see those metal devices! That comic looks fun to pose for! But I still hope they skip the needle-part..."

Gula whistled, "You girls are incredible. So you'll really do it? Living Iron?"

"One picture. Just one picture, like we promised. So can somebody please check the details on what those guys actually want from us?"

Cathy nodded, "Let me get their request. Sit down everybody. I'll be back in a moment."

Gula looked at the two girls and asked, "You know that comic, do you? Living Iron? It's pretty brutal. Lot's of stretched boobs."

"As usual!" grinned Maya.

"As usual!" laughed Gula, "I just want to be sure that you won't be surprised. Ah, Cathy's back."

"So here it is. Let me read it out." She harrumphed and then, in a serious voice, she lectured:

"Dear Jana and team, we have watched your little project over the last few months and have supported you by joining on the highest level, as Ultimate Backer, donating more than 50k to your work. Now that the project comes to a close we would like to request that you deliver the reward we are entitled to.

"Our reward according to your project page is 'Whatever the backer selects'. We are hereby choosing an image from Living Iron. The one where Yeina's delicious breasts are stretched to the breaking point and those metal rings around her disfigured boobs are clicking into place.

"Furthermore we hope that a member of your team would be willing to pose for Miria's role and supply us with a picture of Miria with her assets clamped and pulled as is shown in the comic a few panels before the scene we selected for Jana.

"The two crates with the necessary props will be shipped directly from our M.A.M.M.A.R.I.E.S. division. Looking forward to see your work. Best, Philippe and Antoinette Morlac.

"P.S. If you face any problems with the supplied devices please let us know."

"M.A.M.M.A.R.I.E.S division?" Maya chuckled, "Let me see. Where are those crates?"

"Over there. Here's the delivery slip. It says 'Morlac's Applied Micro Mechanics - Advanced Research Institute - Emotional Sensors'."

"Wait... what? That's the name of the company? Either they try a bit too hard to be funny, or this is a hilarious coincidence. Anyway, can we open them now? I can't wait to see what's inside!"

Gula, Maya and Jana got to work. Soon the wooden boxes were opened and everybody strained their necks to get a peek. A sparkling metal device was sitting inside of each container, carefully protected by styrofoam.

"Are they really the same like in my comic?" inquired Gula as he tried to hoist one out of its box, "Damn, this is heavy. Can somebody help me?"

Soon, the two devices were sitting on the table, unwrapped and ready for a test drive. But how would they be operated? What did they have to do to use them?

Jana carefully inspected 'her' device. It had two large metal loops that were supposed to go around her torso and four that would go around her boobs at some point. Now those were open and waiting. Dangling on the end of two extenders were the braces for her arms. There was another extender with a choker at its end and another set of extenders sported two evil-looking clamps.

Maya's device looked equally intimidating. It, too, had the two large rings for her torso. But in addition it had a set of four plexiglas plates, extenders with an array of clamps as well as arms that ended in a variety of loops and other objects. But there was nothing obvious to actually switch them on.

"Hey, there's another package in there containing a small remote. It just has one button that says 'activate'. What do you guys think, should I press it?"

Gula examined the control closely. Indeed, just one button. Nothing else. He looked at the girls. Both nodded slowly. His finger lingered on the remote.

"Are you sure?" he asked one last time.

"Yes, press it." said Jana.

"Do it!" urged Maya.

Like Yeina 73: Living Iron
Will Jana agree to do Living Iron? Read this chapter to find out :D

Start of series: Like Yeina 01: First contact
Previous chapter: Like Yeina 72: Payback
Next chapter: soon
Hi everyone,
I recently asked neglected2much if he would be willing to host my stories on his personal site. And I'm absolutely thrilled that he kindly offered me my own little story rack there!

Right now my place on the site is still a bit empty, but I plan to upload my other stories soon.

Be aware that some of the material there contains stuff that are outside of what dA would allow, so visit at your own risk!

Oh and please, please also read neglected2much's stories. They're absolutely brilliant! 'The Curator' is one of my all-time favorites, and I thoroughly recommend to read 'Red Rocket' and all the other great stories!

This is where you can find us:
Neglected2much's Secret Story Stash
Qexiqex's Story Rack

Oh, and if you enjoyed a story, please leave a comment. We both appreciate any feedback and love to hear from you.


What's your opinion on the 'Like Yeina' series? 

14 deviants said Love the regular updates and the bite-sized chapters! I read each and every one as soon as it gets posted! Can't get enough of it!
3 deviants said Like it but usually wait for a few chapters to read them in one go. Would prefer longer chapters even if it means less regular updates.
2 deviants said Like the concept but got bored by the story after a while. Shorter story about the same subject would have been better.
1 deviant said Would rather read the entire story at once instead of all those short chapters.
1 deviant said Loved it first but lost track and now can't get into it again for some reason.
No deviants said Don't really like the story.
No deviants said Hate it.
No deviants said I don't know.
No deviants said Other.


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